About Us

G&S Leather, is the professional leather jacket supplier & manufacturer for international and local brands. In the past 8 years, we have been doing leather jacket retail shops at many areas of Sydney (had on season shops at Macquarie shopping center, Randwick Royal shopping center, Marrickville metro, Warringah Mall & George Street in the Sydney CBD etc.


We have 2 family factories and many experienced suppliers overseas, the prices you get are definitely direct factory bargain, and the styles are all latest European design


From the past 8 years, we’ve achieved great levels of customers’ satisfaction and we believe we will get more customers support with our super quality, bargain manufacturer’s prices and great service.


We also welcome retailers and distributors who are interested in leather jacket business and can market our leather jackets in their own regions. We can provide good margins and friendly training for you! Please contact us to discuss more details on sales@gsleather.com.au